Youth Voices for Life

Youth Voices for Life is an 8-week student ministry training series that covers the foundations of  gospel-centered pro-life ministry. The curriculum can be used in its original format or tailored to fit a variety of student ministry needs. 

Topics include the image of God, the science of fetal development, the reality of abortion, the beauty of the Gospel, and how to engage in meaningful conversations with pro-choice peers.

About the Curriculum

Goals for the Program

Our goal with this training series is to make it RARE, for Gen-Z and beyond, to be a gospel-centered church who is not holistically involved in pro-life ministry, and understanding of what it looks like to have gospel-centered, winsome conversations with abortion-minded individuals. We truly believe that this training, when adopted, has the capability to significantly reduce the amount of abortions, because Christians will know why they’re pro-life, how to talk about it, and how to give every woman gospel hope and help to choose life.

Now Available!
(Launched August 1, 2023)

The curriculum has gone through the writing, editing, and pilot stage and is now available to church student ministries groups around the world!

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