Youth Voices for Life


Youth Voices for Life is an 8-week training series that Student Ministries could offer (on a Sunday morning, during Sunday School hours, or on Wednesday nights or whenever your student ministries meet). It will be divided into age group levels for middle school, high school, and college.

  • The middle school training focuses on the “why” of pro-life ministry, both from a Biblical standpoint as well as a scientific one. The goal is that they will walk away at the end of the six weeks being able to articulate to someone on a simple but thorough level why Christians are pro-life.
  • The high school training takes that basic knowledge and adapts it to what it looks like to have conversations with peers, family, and friends who might be pursuing abortion. They will be able to share the gospel through that conversation, explain why she shouldn’t get an abortion, and then share resources in the community and through the church to help her. High schoolers will also be encouraged to join or start a pro-life ministry within the church.
  • Then finally the college curriculum will focus more on how to have a gospel-centered conversation with a pro-choice individual, and they will then also go through our regular Voice for Life Training Series and be encouraged to sidewalk counsel at least one time.
Our goal with this training series is to make it RARE, for Gen-Z and beyond, to be a gospel-centered church who is not holistically involved in pro-life ministry, and understanding of what it looks like to have gospel-centered, winsome conversations with abortion-minded individuals. We truly believe that this training, when adopted, has the capability to significantly reduce the amount of women who pursue abortion, because Christians will know why they’re pro-life, how to talk about it, and how to give every woman gospel hope and help to choose life. 
We have invited several student ministry groups to be part of a pilot group are currently teaching the curriculum, or plan to teach it in Summer 2023. All initial groups in this pilot program would be participating with the middle school curriculum, as this is where every student at each grade level will get the foundational education they need to then participate in the high school or college curriculum in the future. Even though it is technically the middle school curriculum, we encourage every grade level to participate in learning this foundational knowledge. (However, we will have the pilot group leaders look over the High School and College curriculum to offer any suggestions prior to our widespread launch later in 2023.)

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