What Is A Partner Church?

Each S4U Partner Church shares hope with abortion-minded women and men. God desires to rescue people from physical and spiritual death. Our Partner Churches take a holistic approach by sharing the gospel and making disciples of the lost. Based upon your church’s location, your Partner Church role might be that of a Network Church or a Support Church.

Equipping the Saints

S4U works everyday to equip believers sharing the gospel and making disciples of their abortion-minded neighbors. We help develop these churches in theology, methodology and networking—all vital components for transforming lives, families and communities in and around these local churches.

After initial training, we continually equip our Network Churches with new resources and information. 


S4U provides a gospel-centered, theological framework for churches to speak for life in their communities.


S4U takes a peaceful & winsome approach to sidewalk counseling that seeks the flourishing of children, mothers, and families. Each Network Church goes through the 8-part training series, Voice for Life.


S4U network churches join a coalition of like-minded believers linking arms across the nation to bring hope and help to those in need.

What if your church is not located near an abortion clinic?

At Speak for the Unborn, we realize that not all churches across North America are near enough to an abortion clinic to do regular sidewalk counseling ministry. However, we do still think there is a huge advantage for such churches to be part of the Speak for the Unborn Network. Here are some ways to identify if your church’s role could be that of a Network Church or a Support Church

Network Church

Support Church

Pray for Our Post-Roe Target States

Ready To Start The Conversation About Joining The Network?

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