About S4U

Thank you for your Interest in S4U. We equip local churches to engage in making disciples of abortion minded men and women. Engaging the abortion industry is not an easy task, and we seek to create biblical resources for your edification and encouragement.

48% of Women

48% of women who get abortions claim they cannot financially afford to have a baby.

40% Chance

Women will abort their baby when faced with an unintended pregnancy.

37% of Pregnancies

In New York City, 37% of all pregnancies end in an abortion. 

2X More Likely

Women are 2x more likely to have an abortion in a metropolitan area than a non-metropolitan area.

What We Do

An Overview

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The Gospel And The Church

We equip local churches to invite abortion-minded men and women to choose life. We train churches to invite them into a journey of discipleship within their congregation.

We believe that theology and methodology both matter. We take a gospel-centered, compassionate approach that we believe to be effective and winsome in changing the hearts and minds of those considering abortion.

Our Beliefs

Read our affirmations of faith and learn more about our distinct methodology and goals for speaking for life on sidewalks across the nation by clicking the button in the section above.

Our History

It all started with a Sanctity of Life sermon at Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, KY in 2009. A small group of believers began to pray and sidewalk counsel. Other Louisville churches began to join, and S4U began equipping churches across the nation in 2010.

Our Mission

We work on mission with God to seek and save the lost. Abortion-minded men and women’s ultimate need is the gospel, and we rejoice when we proclaim good news to people lost in darkness.

Our Network

S4U is comprised of local church chapters, in partnership with pregnancy resource centers and like-minded ministry partners all across the country. We are an evangelical, gospel-centered, local church focused, and discipleship-driven network.

Our Vision For The Coming Years

Our 10 City Strategy

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Growing The Network

We have a big vision for the coming years. In our video, “The Lord Goes Before Us,” Andrew King explains the history and future of S4U. Our 10 City Strategy is what we belive God has given us to proclaim the gospel in some of the most abortion active cities in our country. God seeks and saves the lost, and we ask you to join us on the journey.

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