Voice for Life Training

When you join the S4U Network, you gain access to a video training series and study guide that will thoroughly train your team to sidewalk counsel in a manner that is gospel-centered, winsome, and compelled by love.

About the Voice For Life Training

The Purpose

Just as we train missionaries before they go out on the mission field, sidewalk counselors should be trained before they begin active ministry as well. This training course allows us to be more consistent, thorough, and effective in our leadership as we train and equip churches across North America for pro-life ministry.

Over 4 weeks, 8 weeks, or a weekend workshop, this course brings together the core team at a Network Church, giving them the opportunity to learn, discuss, and pray together. It also continues to serve them when they bring on new members of their church to their ministry team.

This allows more churches to be confident in sending out a team for sidewalk counseling, because they know their team has completed a gospel-saturated, structured training program that has prepared them to engage well.

About the Curriculum

8 Sections of Material

Churches have three options for their training to communicate the 8 sections of material: 4 sessions every other week (2.5 hours long), 8 sessions every week (1-1.5 hrs long), or a weekend workshop led in-person or virtually by Speak for the Unborn staff.

6 Training Videos

Throughout the training, your group will watch 6 videos (20-45 minutes each), followed by a discussion based upon the study guide, ending in a time of intentional prayer.

Live Q&A with S4U

In addition to six training videos, two sessions also include live Q&A and ministry plan customization with Speak for the Unborn staff. Since no sidewalk counseling situation is the same, we work with you to ensure that we come up with the best possible plan for your unique situation.

Speaking With Advisors & Pastors About S4U & The Need for Abortion Ministry Training

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