Story From The Sidewalk

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A young woman walked over in response to us calling out. As I handed her a packet, I told her we knew things must be difficult and that we knew no one wanted to be at the clinic.

“You’re right about that,” she said. I asked her if she had confirmed that she was pregnant. She said she had, and I asked how she felt about that. She said she was excited and a bit scared.

I asked what most concerned her. She said she was a student (graduating in the Spring) and wasn’t planning on being pregnant. She didn’t know if she could handle it.

I asked what most excited her about being pregnant. She said she was excited about being a mom. We tried to stir her imagination by mentioning what next Halloween and Thanksgiving would be like holding her little boy or girl.

We told her we knew that no option in front of her was an easy one, but that we were Christians and knew that God promises to be merciful and help those who call out to him and ask.

We began to tell her about a Women’s Pregnancy Center and that the women there have listened and counseled with other women in similar situations. Her face seemed to light up.

“Are they open now?!”

We told her they were and she said, “Great! I’ll drive over there right now.” 

She immediately walked to her car and headed out. We prayed for her after she left. We realized we didn’t get her name, but the Lord knows her. He knows each man, woman, and baby that enters that clinic.

May this young woman come to know Him, and, may her son or daughter live and come to know the Lord. Please pray to that end.

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