Story From The Sidewalk

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A van pulled up about 10:30 and when the woman got out and walked to the clinic, Tina called out to her “Hi, my name is Tina, we would love to give you a care pack and some information.”

The lady called back, “I’m going in to see my daughter.” A few minutes later she came out and walked over and asked, “Did you say your name was Tina, that’s my name?”

Then she told us her daughter, who is in her last year of college, was pregnant and considering an abortion. But today when she got to the clinic she changed her mind!

“The devil didn’t get his way today,” she said.

She told us she and her husband had 8 children. Her youngest child was born when she was in her forties and had downs syndrome.  They named her “Miracle.”  

About that time, Miracle got out of the van with her daddy and walked over to us.  We gave Miracle a child’s care packet and she gave us a hug! 

We told the mom about the local resources in town that could offer help for her daughter who was pregnant.  We told her we would be praying for them. Please pray for Tina, her daughter who is pregnant, and Miracle.

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