Story From The Sidewalk

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While I was speaking to a young man at his car, I saw a young woman walk up and past us in the driveway. Tina engaged her in conversation and she disappeared from my vision. When I finished my conversation I saw the young woman crying and Tina seeking to comfort her.

She (“J”) was very distressed over her circumstances and seemed to know abortion was not right, but she also fearing what carrying her baby would mean.

We asked her what issue seemed insurmountable to her right now. She told us her family and the father of the baby both told her they would not help her and she have an abortion (the fact that abortion is legal has made it almost a requirement for many women).

We discussed what God thought about her situation and how he is ready to be a help to those who recognize they need him and call out to him. We told her that our church and the pregnancy center had women who wanted to help her.

Tina offered to babysit if she chose to be a single parent so that she could keep going to school (she wants to become a traveling nurse). Tina offered to drive her to the pregnancy center or walk with her to the clinic down the street for an ultrasound.

She told us she had already had an ultrasound at her doctor. That doctor had told her she had a 50% chance of miscarrying and to come back in 2 weeks. “J” was one week into that two week period; so we encouraged her to at least wait until next week to see what her doctor said.

We told her the people at the pregnancy centers could help her think through all her options before she made an irreversible, life-altering decision.

We discussed the fact that being a single parent and placing a child for adoption are both selfless acts of love, of laying down ones life for the good of their child.

We talked about how abortion was a laying down of her child’s life for her self. She seemed to agree.

Despite all this, with tears streaming down her face, she decided to go into the abortion clinic. Before she did, she let us pray for her. She offered to give us back the care packet, but we told her we wanted her to have it.

We told her it had helpful information for her to consider before having an abortion and that if she did go through with the abortion it had post-abortion help too.

Please pray that “J” will come under the conviction of the Spirit and that he will lead her to trust in Jesus and to be willing to die to herself and follow Jesus by protecting her baby.

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