Seasons of Faithful Sidewalk Counseling

Before I moved to my current home 21 years ago to take a university teaching position, I spent ten years going once a week to various abortion clinics in my city. It was exhausting, exhilarating work. So much of the help we offered and the exhortations we gave to mothers and fathers in hopes they […]

How the Church Can Care for Post-Abortive Women

In my mid-twenties, I became pregnant. At the time I was unsaved and unmarried, and I had grown up in a church that taught that babies weren’t human until they were born. Many of my friends had abortions, so the solution to my dilemma seemed obvious. Even as an unbeliever, my abortion was traumatic. But […]

Story From The Sidewalk

While I was speaking to a young man at his car, I saw a young woman walk up and past us in the driveway. Tina engaged her in conversation and she disappeared from my vision. When I finished my conversation I saw the young woman crying and Tina seeking to comfort her. She (“J”) was […]

Story From The Sidewalk

A van pulled up about 10:30 and when the woman got out and walked to the clinic, Tina called out to her “Hi, my name is Tina, we would love to give you a care pack and some information.” The lady called back, “I’m going in to see my daughter.” A few minutes later she […]

Story From The Sidewalk

A young woman walked over in response to us calling out. As I handed her a packet, I told her we knew things must be difficult and that we knew no one wanted to be at the clinic. “You’re right about that,” she said. I asked her if she had confirmed that she was pregnant. […]

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