My Unborn Son’s Heartbeat and the Christian’s Own New Heart

I got to listen to my own unborn son’s heartbeat last week.  We first saw him in a dimly lit ultrasound room at our local women’s hospital. I’ve seen lots of friends’ ultrasounds and always marveled at God’s beautiful creation, but this time it was different. This was our son. This was his little head, […]

I Was Counseled to Abort, But God Helped Me Choose Life: Part 2

(To read part 1 of Christin’s story, click here.) Mauricio and I understood that both my son and daughter, equally, were being woven together by the Lord, that He loved them immeasurably, and that He had a plan for both of them. We knew that God could do a miracle and save our son if […]

I Was Counseled to Abort, But God Helped Me Choose Life: Part 1

I’ll never forget November 3, 2016. I was pregnant with twins, and it was the day of my 18-week ultrasound. I was so excited to find out the babies’ gender. Were we having two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl? Though I would have been thrilled with any combination, I was hoping […]

Comforting Rachel: How the Christmas Story Helps Us Respond to Abortion

Two millennia ago in the little town of Bethlehem, Mary rejoiced that her baby boy had come into the world. As angels sang and shepherds spread the news of Jesus’ entrance into our world, it seemed like nothing could ruin this joyous night. But a horrible scene unfolded soon after Jesus’ birth. Mary and Joseph […]

Trusting God When Our Plans Are Different from His

My ideas have rarely coincided with the Lord’s plans. I had dreams of how my life would turn out and did everything I could to make them happen. Some things went as I had hoped, but then life started to unravel. Mistakes, medical issues, and unforeseen problems came up, leaving me bewildered and frustrated. This […]

I’m Pro-Life Because I’m Pro-Gospel

Recently, I witnessed a travesty. In the wake of the killings of George Floyd, well-intentioned pastors gathered at Atlanta’s state capitol to lament his death and speak out against injustice. Sadly, not one pastor shared the gospel.  Not one.  No one mentioned Jesus is our only hope. No one mentioned the cross. No one spoke […]

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