My Unborn Son’s Heartbeat and the Christian’s Own New Heart

I got to listen to my own unborn son’s heartbeat last week.  We first saw him in a dimly lit ultrasound room at our local women’s hospital. I’ve seen lots of friends’ ultrasounds and always marveled at God’s beautiful creation, but this time it was different. This was our son. This was his little head, […]

Comforting Rachel: How the Christmas Story Helps Us Respond to Abortion

Two millennia ago in the little town of Bethlehem, Mary rejoiced that her baby boy had come into the world. As angels sang and shepherds spread the news of Jesus’ entrance into our world, it seemed like nothing could ruin this joyous night. But a horrible scene unfolded soon after Jesus’ birth. Mary and Joseph […]

How We Can Be Motivated By Love in Pro-Life Ministry

Throughout history, humans have been motivated to do dangerous things for heroic reasons. One recent example is Bridger Walker, a six-year-old boy who stepped between his younger sister and a neighbor’s charging German Shepherd. The dog’s owner was able to restrain the dog and call for emergency responders, but not before the dog latched onto […]

3 Ways Sidewalk Counseling Can Be Applied in Post-Roe America

The sidewalk is empty in front of my city’s abortion facility.  On a typical morning last June, dozens of women, companions, and pro-choice escorts would tread toward the building’s concrete awning. Our sidewalk counseling group walked alongside them toward the facility, offering them Gospel hope and help. We would see hearts harden and doors slam […]

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