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Daring Dignity

Why it matters for Christians to stand for human dignity, as told by S4U supporters and Advisory Board members such as Albert Mohler, Melissa Kruger, and more.

Voice for Life Video Training Series

Our Voice for Life Video Training Series is now available! When you become a Network Church, you will be fully trained for ministry through this 8-session Video Series, Live Sessions, and Study Guide.

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20 Ways To Get Involved in Pro-Life Ministry Today

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2X More Likely

Women are 2x more likely to have an abortion in a metropolitan area than a non-metropolitan area.

37% of Pregnancies

In New York City, 37% of all pregnancies end in an abortion. 

40% Chance

Women will abort their baby when faced with an unintended pregnancy.

48% of Women

48% of women who get abortions claim they cannot financially afford to have a baby.

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