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Where to Start


Want to start a Speak for the Unborn chapter at your local church? If you agree with the S4U affirmations and denials, we welcome your partnership. Fill out our chapter information form and we will contact you with the next steps. As you seek to actively live out your calling to speak for life, there are 3 important things to remember:

  1. Pray– this is a foundational step for any of our efforts as believers. Without the help of the Lord are plans and purpose are in vain. Pray for God to motivate your congregation by the gospel to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. As you undertake this ministry, continue to pray.
  2. Prepare– familiarize yourself with information about abortion in your area, especially the legal limits in your state. Find out when most women arrive for their appointments. Also, be familiar with any gospel-centered crisis pregnancy centers in your area; these can be great resources. Speak with the pastor/s of your church for their support. Gather a group of brothers and sisters from your congregation who will go to the clinic to either sidewalk counsel or pray. Consider hosting a training or interest meeting for interested members of your congregation. For information on how to prepare what you will say, see our resource guide.
  3. Proclaim the truth- this ministry is not overly complicated. It simply takes Christians who love Jesus and love others to have the boldness to speak. Find out when most women arrive for their abortion appoints, and plan on getting to the clinic 15 minutes before to pray. As women and men walk into the clinic, introduce yourself and offer to help them find alternative options. If the woman or man will speak with you, share with them the hope that Jesus offers, as well as the joy of fellowship in the local church. Be honest and transparent with these individuals. Offer to point them to the resources that you have research in your area. Continue to be watchful in prayer, even as you leave the clinic. A helpful reference before, during, and after your ministry is the “truths to believe and lies to avoid” section of our resource guide.

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