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  • Feb 13 / 2017
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My Son Should Have Been Aborted


I remember speaking to a pro-choice activist who worked for years in children’s services. She recounted the unfortunate conditions of some orphanages she had visited, made worse only by the high number of children that lived there. They had no family. They were totally dependent upon the system, just years away from being turned loose upon a society that largely had rejected them. In her mind, these were the epitome of “unwanted” children. Knowing my position on the sanctity of life, she challenged my pro-life convictions by touting a supposed lack of concern for children like these. After I asked for specific ways that our local churches could help, I couldn’t suppress the question that lingered in the back of my mind since the beginning of the conversation. I asked her, “Do you think that any of these children should have been aborted?” Without hesitation, she retorted, “Yes, each and every one of them.”

I thought about this conversation not too long ago as I stood in the middle of an African orphanage. The courtyard of the small complex was filled with young children. Some wore tattered clothes, likely hand-me-downs from those who came before them. Many had flies covering their faces like bees on a honeycomb. Most of them were abandoned as infants. All of them were laughing and smiling. One of them was my son. After nearly a five-year long adoption process, here we stood, watching our son kick a ball with the only family he had known to this point in his life. He didn’t understand it then, but he had a new last name. And while there are many questions surrounding the early weeks of my son’s life, we do know that by the world’s standards he was unwanted. Then it dawned on me: according to this pro-choice activist, this is precisely the kind of child that should have been aborted. As I watched him toddle around the courtyard with friends, I felt the chill of her cold and icy words. Yet my heart was warmed towards these children. Many of them may have been “unwanted,” but these were real people with real smiles and very real personalities.

It is hard for me now to imagine our family without my middle child. To be clear, my son did not become valuable as soon as we received the adoption referral. Human beings are not valuable because someone wants them; they are valuable because God made them. And we need to remember that this is exactly what we are talking about when we talk about abortion. We must never forget that beneath the compassionate rhetoric of the abortion industry is a beast that bears its fangs against actual human beings. The Scripture says that the Devil prowls like a lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). He is not simply interested in an issue; he is interested in image-bearers. The Adversary is unconcerned with who wins the abortion debate, so long as there are the bodies of men, women, and children left in the wake.

The pro-choice movement has sought consistently to dehumanize the unborn. Whether it is changing the terminology (“fetus,” “pregnancy tissue,” ect.), or shifting the focus to the rights and health of the woman, the abortion industry tries to make us forget that we are talking about human beings. We must remember, abortion is not simply about an issue to be debated, it is about lives to be defended. We cannot allow ourselves to be distracted from the fact that lives are taken through abortion. The rhetoric smokescreen filling our culture should never cloud our view on what is happening. For we know that life is precious at every stage.

How should Christians respond? Through our faithful witness, the people of God should display the glory of a gospel that leads to a high value of life. Our local churches should be beacons of hope in the midst of this culture. On any given Sunday, for instance, my local church is filled with families that reflect God’s love for the unwanted. There are transracial families united through adoption and foster care. There are men mentoring others recovering from destructive patterns of addiction. There are children with special needs being celebrated as fellow image-bearers. There are single mothers patiently teaching their children about the life-giving message of the gospel. There are brothers and sisters sacrificing time to serve children in the nursery. All of this is a declaration to the world that the kingdom of Jesus is different.

Jesus modeled this when he welcomed children (Matt 18:1–6; 19:13–15). Contrary to the expectations of the disciples, children have a place near Jesus. When the children did come, he did not separate them into those with stable home situations and those without. Both the ‘wanted’ and ‘unwanted’ were welcomed. Rather, he blessed them all, stating that “to such belongs the kingdom of heaven” (Matt 19:14). In the gospel, we see that privilege and priorities of the world are put to rest in an empty tomb. That is why for James it is unconscionable that a follower of Christ would not care for the vulnerable (James 1:27). This is integral to our Christian identity, because we too were orphaned and in need of rescue. While we were weak, says the Apostle Paul, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly (Rom 5:6). Before the creation of the world, God purposed believers to be part of His family. We love like this because we have been loved like this.

While they may not say it so bluntly, the world looks at my son as one whose life should have been cut short. Maybe his birthmother couldn’t afford an abortion. Maybe she lacked access to available “reproductive healthcare.” Maybe the cultural stigma of abortion was too much to bear. Either way, if she had taken the life in her womb, there would be a gaping hole in my family. But more than that, there would be one more image-bearer consumed by a prowling beast hell-bent on destruction.

As the people of God, we proclaim and display the glory of a better lion, one who has jaws strong enough to swallow death. In Him, we are reminded that the unwanted and unlovable are safe. I journeyed to Africa to bring my son home; God came from heaven to rescue His. And He will stop at nothing to make sure all His children make it to the place he has prepared for them. As we uphold the sanctity of human life, we make clear that people are valuable, not because they are wanted, but because they bear the image of their creator. This may be counter-cultural proclamation, but such is life in the kingdom.

Andrew King is the Executive Director of Speak for the Unborn. He holds degrees from Mississippi State University (B.A.) and The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div., Ph.D. candidate). He lives with wife and three children in Louisville, KY. He is a member of Immanuel Baptist Church.


  • Jan 30 / 2017
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The Gospel for Life series, edited by Russell Moore and Andrew T. Walker, is designed to apply the truths of Scripture to issues that we all face in ordinary life. These excellent books are an easily-accessible resource for helping Christians cultivate a Kingdom mentality on a number of important issues.

We are excited to give away signed copies of four books in this series. Gain entries for the giveaway below! The winners will be notified Monday, February 6th.



  • Oct 12 / 2013
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A Woman’s Choice and Necole’s Place: Celebrating 25 years

Last night some of us had the privilege of attending our local crisis pregnancy center, A Woman’s Choice annual banquet.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the ministry helping women and unborn children. It was a special celebration of honoring those who laid the foundation for the ministry as well as an opportunity to hear the history of A Woman’s Choice and Necole’s Place.  The ministry estimates that 8,000 children have been saved during the course of its 25 years!

awc wall at banquet

The wall behind the stage displayed 25 pictures of saved babies, one for each year the ministry has existed.  Some of the mothers of these children gave testimonials in a video played later in the program.  Many of them gave testimony as to how glad they were that they went into the wrong building on the day of their abortion appointment, but decided to stay at AWC for an ultrasound. One mother wept with emotion stating that she couldn’t imagine her life without her son she nearly aborted  Others gave thanks to AWC and Necole’s Place for the ongoing support they themselves have received after having their babies. Praise God!

Dr. Russell Moore was the keynote speaker and he reminded Christians about the spiritual warfare they face while defending image-bearers of God.  Thankfully, Christians “stand with a gospel that is unabortable!” he encouraged those listening. He later tweeted:
awc tweet

If you’d like to hear Dr. Moore’s address, please contact A Woman’s Choice.  Praise the Lord for the 25 years of faithful labor and service in Christ’s name!

awc wall

  • Nov 23 / 2012
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A Twisted Black Friday Deal

This makes me sad (and sick) for so many reasons.  A discount at Planned Parenthood is not the same as going to Target at 9pm to snag a deal on your favorite DVD. But that is exactly what Planned Parenthood and our culture want us to believe.  Planned Parenthood wants us to see their “special discount” on equal terms with online shopping, shoes, and electronics. This is a direct lie from Satan himself.

Abortion cannot be returned or exchanged. It permanently hurts and haunts women, and it has stolen over 50 million lives in the United States. May we stand vehemently against this scheme of the devil.


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.–Ephesians 5:11

[HT: reader Anne at Jill Stanek]

  • Aug 25 / 2012
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The Apostle Paul was an Abortion Clinic Escort (in a manner of speaking)

Allow me to explain. At one time, the Apostle Paul was convinced he could best serve his community and his God by ridding the world of an unwanted people group. He zealously volunteered his time to help systematically identify and subsequently eliminate a serious threat to his culture’s advancement– namely a crazed group of religious fanatics called Christians.

Like abortion clinic escorts, Paul was not directly responsible for the imprisonment or killing of Christians; rather all he did was ensure they made it to the doorsteps of the people who’d finish the job. Every one of his “escort” endeavors was sanctioned by his government, applauded by his religious leaders, and encouraged by his peers.

But it was still horrifically wrong.

Later in life, Paul would look back on this time with severe regret. He would refer to himself as “the worst of sinners,” “a violent man,” guilty of “persecuting the church” and he would completely repent of these actions. So why the radical shift?

The radical shift came when Paul had an encounter with the one, true God he’d never met before. He thought he knew Him. After all, think of the countless hours Paul spent studying and teaching what he thought God’s Bible said. Or consider how he traveled long distances to find these offenders and protect God’s church from the harassment of pushy Christ-followers. Inevitably, Paul thought he was preserving God’s teachings by quelling the offensive preaching and degrading message of the obnoxious Christian club.

Surely Paul expected a pat on the back from God for all his hard efforts and consistent commitment to the cause. He thought he had served God well and there was a prison full of Christians to prove it. During his time, Paul (then known as Saul) was indeed the ultimate of escorts having earned a reputation so widespread that all the opposition knew him by name. But how was this famed escort greeted by the God he thought he served?

“Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” “Who are you, Lord?” Saul asked. “I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting,” He replied. “Now go up… and you will be told what you must do.”

Every abortion clinic escort that you meet thinks they are doing the right thing. Regardless of their varying motivations, all hold a conviction that helping with abortions is the best thing for them to do. They too will feel the shock of the apostle Paul who, having dedicated his life to a single cause learned in a single phrase it was all for naught. It must have absolutely shattered him to realize not only was he wrong, but he’d fought with all his might to oppose those who had it right.

In the most unexpected of plot twists, God decided He wanted to save this elite escort and have Saul work for Him. To do that, God miraculously confronted Saul with the same truth that had previously just riled him up. He saw that Jesus Christ wasn’t simply some heretical fad, but the Son of God Who came to fulfill God’s plan and save His people from their sins. All the trite pushy sayings he once found offensive finally sank in.

Saul was wrong. He was raging against God. And he needed to humbly follow this Jesus Who for some reason wanted to bear his punishment for him.

Once Saul actually encountered the almighty Jesus, he realized Christ was worth getting fanatical about. Saul became Paul and joined hands with those crazy Christians he thought he couldn’t stand. Let us remember that the man who once “breathed murderous threats against the Lord’s disciples” was also the man God decided would be “[His] chosen instrument to proclaim [His] name to the Gentiles and their kings and to the people of Israel.”

Who knows the plans God has for the volunteer escorts outside our local abortion clinics! Let us pray for Him to once again glorify Himself with an escort’s radical and genuine conversion. And let us purposely use our interactions with escorts to this end!

If our God can remove the blinders from Paul’s eyes, let us request and expect Him to do that again!

  • Aug 10 / 2012
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Sidewalk Spiritual Warfare

I think we can all agree there are few places darker than the sidewalk at  7:00 in the morning. I am not just referring to the physical darkness, but the spiritual darkness that is real and active.  Here are a few basic truths that I have come to realize concerning spiritual warfare  on the sidewalk:

1. Absolutely Expect to Experience It
1 Peter 5:8 tells us “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” In the same book Peter writes ”Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you (4:12).

I have not met anyone involved in the last three years who has been exempt from spiritual warfare while participating in this ministry. It may manifest itself in nightmares, fear, impatience, doubt, marital strife, discouragement, or other forms of attack.  I myself, have failed in many ways in remembering these passages periodically. I have not been sober-minded or watchful. I have been surprised at the struggles I have faced as a result of participating in this ministry. Yet, God’s Word reminds us that we have an enemy who would delight in destroying us. Instead of ignoring these attacks, we can and must expect to experience spiritual warfare.

2. Arm Yourself With the Word

As we are watching, Praise the Lord that we have the best weapon in defending ourselves ! We have the Word of God. Paul writes that we have “the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God, “(Eph 6:17). As I have sought to do things outside of my comfort zone and/or strength, I have found it most helpful to give myself to the Word daily, and to memorize passages or complete chapters of Scripture. This way, I can recite them to myself at any given moment, or to others (whether it be clients or fellow Christians).  Had I never experienced this kind of spiritual warfare, I would most likely never have done so.  I thank the Lord for these opportunities.

3. Give Yourself to Prayer
And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us. And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him. – 1 John 5:14-15
We must be praying constantly! (1 Thes 5:17).  Our Resource Guide includes two pages (21-22) dedicated to guiding us in prayer throughout the week.  Commit to praying daily for those going in for abortions, and for the abortion clinic to close to the glory of God.  Pray for your brothers and sisters doing sidewalk counseling that they would not believe Satan’s lies. (If you don’t pray for them, who will?) Fast and Pray. Pray against any schemes of the devil, not just Friday night, but daily. What a privilege that we can have constant communication with the God of the universe who hears our prayers and is able to answer them far more abundantly than we ask or think!

Praise the Lord that He sees us worthy to walk through these trials!

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” James 1:12

  • Feb 25 / 2012
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If I’d Aborted Grace

I never looked forward to getting pregnant. And when I did, I had a hard time initially connecting with the peanut-sized person growing in my tummy. For those first few months of my pregnancy, I didn’t even feel pregnant so I had to wholly rely on the honesty of those two pink lines that promised to change my entire life in 9 months and counting. If I was being honest, the very idea of carrying around a developing human being inside me always sounded a bit more sci-fi than sacred, so that didn’t help me much to cherish the whole process (Why did I watch the movie Alien when I fourteen?).


I still remember the moment my husband and I found out I was pregnant. Within seconds my mind jumped from, “A baby?!! How amazing! I can’t believe this!” to “Oh my gosh, I’m going to have to deliver this baby. I can’t handle that.” to “Am I going to have to quit my job? Can we afford this? We are totally not ready to parent a child. Will we even like being parents?” I was happy, excited, terrified, a little panicked and totally overwhelmed. And as reality began to set in, those pink lines often reminded me more of what I was giving up than what I would gain.


At the time, my husband had just quit his job so that he could focus on completing his Master’s degree at seminary. That made us completely dependent on my job working as a Business Development Manager for a nearby consulting firm. I had been blessed with this job the year before and was experiencing unexpected success and advancement in my position. My career path was very bright with my boss even promising the potential of six figures within the year. Of course, I immediately realized that having a baby just might put a detour in my career’s fast track to greater success.


Not only was our financial stability at stake, I also had to worry about my marriage. You always hear that having kids is the hardest thing on a marriage and honestly, I didn’t want anything to jeopardize Noah and I’s healthy relationship. We were already so happy. Would we still be so happy living with little sleep, changing lots of diapers, and listening to constant baby cries? And then there’s the crying! I love peaceful solitude. My favorite time every week was the Saturday mornings I spent sitting in a coffee shop sipping a mocha and savoring a favorite book. Would I have to give up all of my personal time for the next 18 years? In many ways those pink lines seemed to symbolize the grand finish line of my happy life. In 9 months, I’d have crossed over into motherhood never to return again.


Although I would never have actually considered aborting our baby, I can sympathize with pregnant mothers who neither feel any emotional bond to their baby fetus nor want that growing person to ruin everything they’ve got going on in their lives. The unknown is scary and change is hard so having months and months to anticipate the drastic unknown changes of child rearing can easily make anyone want to escape or somehow go back to the way things were.


Well, now I’m on the other side. I have a baby and her name is Grace. She did drastically change my life in more ways than I could have ever planned for. I’m not working full-time toward a lucrative career any longer. I don’t casually indulge in weekly coffee shop visits or spend quiet evenings doing whatever activity I please. I do change almost 50 diapers a week and feed my baby 6 times a day. I guess I expected these things. But let me tell you what I didn’t expect. I did not expect all of the inexpressible joy that Grace would bring to me.


Having our baby has brought me more fulfillment than I have ever experienced in a paycheck, a sales win, or a job promotion. Instead of feeling held back, I feel as if I’ve been given the new ability to live in a constant state of overwhelming love (which I never even knew existed before!). Every morning, Gracie gives me a big gummy grin when she sees me walk into her room. After her first feeding, she always wants to cuddle with Mama and then quickly go back to sleep in my arms. Throughout the day, I always look forward to her silly stories that she shares in her bubbly squeals. And I don’t even mind her crying because that also means I get to comfort her. That’s when she always nuzzles her head under my chin and buries herself in my embrace until she feels safe again.


Nowadays, Gracie is growing up quickly and giving me new gifts every day. As she matures, I eagerly enjoy each new ability and treasure her progress. Who knew that my child rolling onto her stomach would make me as proud as if I’d won a big proposal? Or that I’d enjoy singing the itsy bitsy spider more than sipping coffee at Starbucks? The point is, if I’d aborted Grace, all of her gifts to me would have been aborted with her. What I thought would be a burden in my life has turned out to be my greatest blessing. I am so thankful that my husband and I chose to believe the Bible’s promise that “children are a gift from God” (Psalm 127:3) even when we hadn’t experienced it yet for ourselves.


If you are ever in my shoes facing an inconvenient pregnancy, I pray you take the time to consider both sides of your future. Don’t let our culture pressure you into seeing your baby as only a burden. I promise you, God gave that child the gift of life and entrusted him or her to you as a blessing, not a curse. If you trust in God’s plans for you and your family, He will strengthen you for the task and reward you for your obedience. His plans for you and your baby are good plans, the best plans (Jeremiah 29:11) – and if you abort your child you abort the blessings He had in store for you too.


If I’d aborted Grace, I may have more time to myself or more money in the bank, but I promise you I’d be missing out. I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

  • Jan 16 / 2012
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Sancity of Life: Rescue the Perishing

Our pastor, Ryan Fullerton, of Immanuel Baptist Church preached an encouraging sermon yesterday for Sanctity of Life Sunday.

You can access the sermon here: here

The sermon is drawn from Proverbs 24:10-12. I encourage all believers and non-believers alike to listen to this sermon and consider these weighty things:

10 If you faint in the day of adversity,

your strength is small.

11 Rescue those who are being taken away to death;

hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

12 If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,”

does not he who weighs the heart perceive it?

Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it,

and will he not repay man according to his work?


  • Dec 21 / 2011
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I am a Woman and I Gladly Bow to a Man

It is a great time to be a woman here in America.  We can get as good of an education as a man.  We can enter the work place unchallenged.  We can vote.  If abused, we can press charges.  We can enter politics.  We can be heard.

And yet do these freedoms exalt us to a position of deity?  Do we now have a blank check to do whatever we want?  If society gives us such freedom, then we must be the measure of truth…right?

Perhaps I could accept this line if thinking if it were not for the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  Yes, I am a woman, but I gladly bow my knee the man Jesus Christ.  Trusting in Jesus is far superior to trusting in “women” due to the following reasons:

1.  The Matter of Truth.  Jesus actually called himself “The Truth” (John 14:6) and I know myself far too well to think that I should not go around calling myself, “Stacey, the Truth.”  I cannot spell without word processing, I get the flu, and I lose my keys.  Therefore it follows that when I think I am right about something and it contradicts what Jesus says, I have two options, I can either default to the fact that he is The Truth or I can live pretending that I am.  When Jesus says that murder, sexual immorality, and slander defile a person (Matt 15:19-20), even if that rubs me the wrong way, I must bow the knee to him because I trust that he is The Truth and I am not.

This principle applies to abortion.  When a woman experiences an unwanted pregnancy, she has to choose whether to bow the knee to Jesus and love her unborn neighbor or listen to the voice of feminism which tells her that she is the measure of truth and her choices are right, even when Jesus says they are wrong.   Every time a woman aborts she is trusting in her own mind and feelings and is not trusting in Jesus who is always right.  Clearly, allegiance to Jesus and allegiance to “women” simply cannot coexist.

2. The Matter of Making Good Choices.   I read on the internet a pro-choice slogan, “If you can’t trust me to make a choice, how can you trust me with a child?” The pinnacle of autonomy is the right to do whatever I want, whenever I want.  Therefore, according to this line of reason, America needs to back off of my body when it comes to the matter of abortion.  After all, if I cannot make a good decision about whether or not to abort, then I would not make a good mom anyway.

And then Jesus comes into the picture.  And, according to Jesus, we are all sinners and we cannot be “trusted” to make good choices.  When left to ourselves, we end up hating the God who gives us breath, worshipping trees and killing our children.  And that is why God mercifully gives us his Law.  He mercifully tells us how not to screw up our lives and how not to kill one another off.  And, when he looks down and sees that we are  all doing what we want anyway, that is when he comes down to earth and dies on a cross for all the abortions, apathy towards him, and thanklessness.

Jesus made the choice to die in order to give us life.  He made the choice to give up his body so that my body can be resurrected and live forever.  In contrast, many women today are making the choice to kill their unborn children so that they might maintain their lives as they know it.  They refuse to give up their bodies so that their children might live.  Clearly, Jesus is far superior and this is why I bow the knee to him and not to  “women.”

3.  The Matter of Exaltation.  “I deserve to protect my rights!” “My body, my choice.”  These are common comments we hear on the sidewalks and, apart from Christ, these thoughts are deep within the hearts of all of us.  “I want to make a name for myself, I don’t want anyone telling me what to do!”  This is the life-blood of the pro-choice movement.

And again, we contrast this attitude with that of Jesus.  Although he was in Heaven, free from pain, accusations, and hunger, he let go of it all.  He made himself nothing, he became a servant, washing the feet of even the one who betrayed him.   He left perfect comfort and became nothing out of love for his enemies.  He did not protect his rights.  He did not call down angels to get him off the cross.  He did not come down to earth kicking and screaming.  He did not resent his Father for telling him what to do.  No, he was quiet.  Submissive. He died for sinners in joyful obedience to his Father.

And this love is why I choose to bow the knee to him instead of joining my fellow women in pursuit of our own glory and our own rights.  I choose to be protected and loved by the one who knows how to love me better than I know how to love and protect myself. He is more worthy of trust than I am. He is better to me than I am to me.

So to those who model the “Trust Women” or “In Goddess we Trust” stickers, God is not surprised by you. People have been worshipping false gods since the beginning oftime.  This is nothing new, nothing scandalous, just the same old “idols” that the Lord has always forbidden.  And yet, invites you to renounce this goddess worship and come to him.  He is greater than women.  You will always be disappointed if you worship anything but him, because he is far superior.   In the midst of this goddess worshipping culture, Jesus says to you…

“Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.” Isaiah 45:22   


PS Before any pro-choicers start yelling, I want to remind you that I am a woman…trust me.   😉

  • Nov 16 / 2011
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Some Questions for Abortion Clinic Workers

“There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” – Proverbs 14:12

Abortion is in the air we breathe.  You probably comfort yourselves with this fact when you lay your head on your pillow at night.  You start to feel convicted but then you push that down, recalling to mind the “I love abortion” bumper sticker you saw the other day.

You remember “protesters” standing in the parking lot when you drove in to work calling you to “repent.” 

What’s there to repent of?  Even my pastor at church thinks abortion is permissible in the case of rape and incest.  Who do these people think they are trying to speak for God?

You hear of abortion doctors “switching sides” because they cannot deny the fact that the ultrasound shows a beating heart and brain waves.

Well, what’s true for them is true for them and what’s true for me is what’s true for me.  And I know that for now the laws of America are on my side—that what I eliminate every day is just a fetus—and nothing more!

You see the “fanatics” holding signs with Bible verses on them in front of the abortion clinic and they anger you.  Instead of grappling with the truth of the verses you read, you vent to your co-workers:

Jesus said “Do not judge, lest you be judged!” I guess these Christians have never come across that verse before!

Maybe you have been in a car accident before or received a concerning prognosis from your doctor and these brushes with death remind you that your day is coming.  Deep in your heart you know that you will one day stand before the God who made you and give account for everything you have done.  Every abortion you have performed.  Every cross word you have said to the “protestors.” Every time you said “everything will be OK” to the nervous 14-year-old about to have the procedure, all the while remembering those women who came back to your clinic angry because everything was not OK.  Every time you saw the ultrasound and would not let the facts convince you.  Every time you to lied to people at a party, telling them that you were an OB. 

Well, even if I do have to stand before God one day, if he (or she) is such a loving God then he would never send me to Hell.  I would not send anyone to Hell forever, so certainly God would not either. If he would, then I want nothing to do with him anyway.

I do not doubt for a second that what you are doing seems right to you.  I do not doubt for a second that you have not had some of the above conversations in your head, but what if you are wrong?  What if our entire nation is wrong?  What if God is not only loving but is also holy and there is a real literal Hell that you will burn in forever if you do not acknowledge your sin to God and others before you die?  What if you miss your chance to be forgiven for all the abortions you have performed?  What if God is extending an invitation to come to him, to believe that Jesus is enough to cleanse you from all the abortions you performed each and every day—but what if this invitation expires at your death?  What if when you die, you will face God as judge and not have the opportunity to accept him as Savior?

Is this not at least worth looking into?  Is it not worth your time to at least come visit our church (1121 S Clay, 40203) or to contact us to hear more?  You do not have to fear us.  We hate murder, and thus we hate abortion (not to mention what men like Scott Roeder have done).  But we do not hate you.  We write this because we do NOT want death and judgment for you, but instead we want you receive the same forgiveness we ourselves have received.  Let us tell you of the hope that we have in Jesus.


“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper,

but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.”

 – Proverbs 28:13

Are you ready to Speak? Learn How