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An Invitation to Eavesdrop

Sidewalk Counseling Ministry

An Invitation to Eavesdrop

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Just a quick fyi to anyone interested… There have been some great conversations on this blog in the last few weeks and I encourage you all to go back and peruse some of the passionate discussions in the comments sections. And we welcome your contributions to these talks as well! Honestly, I think I’ve spent more time writing responses on this blog than I have on blogposts, so I just hate the idea of them getting buried in the comments and never shared.

Unfortunately, my responses are a little too longwinded to actually re-post, but here are some links to the articles that generated the more animated talks:

http://speakfortheunborn.com/?p=339 – “What Sidewalk Counselors Do”

http://speakfortheunborn.com/?p=381 – “Rape, Abortion and Adoption”

http://speakfortheunborn.com/?p=408 – “What a 2-inch Baby Looks Like”

Let us know what you think!

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