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A Woman’s Choice and Necole’s Place: Celebrating 25 years

  • Oct 12 / 2013
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A Woman’s Choice and Necole’s Place: Celebrating 25 years

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Last night some of us had the privilege of attending our local crisis pregnancy center, A Woman’s Choice annual banquet.  This year marked the 25th anniversary of the ministry helping women and unborn children. It was a special celebration of honoring those who laid the foundation for the ministry as well as an opportunity to hear the history of A Woman’s Choice and Necole’s Place.  The ministry estimates that 8,000 children have been saved during the course of its 25 years!

awc wall at banquet

The wall behind the stage displayed 25 pictures of saved babies, one for each year the ministry has existed.  Some of the mothers of these children gave testimonials in a video played later in the program.  Many of them gave testimony as to how glad they were that they went into the wrong building on the day of their abortion appointment, but decided to stay at AWC for an ultrasound. One mother wept with emotion stating that she couldn’t imagine her life without her son she nearly aborted  Others gave thanks to AWC and Necole’s Place for the ongoing support they themselves have received after having their babies. Praise God!

Dr. Russell Moore was the keynote speaker and he reminded Christians about the spiritual warfare they face while defending image-bearers of God.  Thankfully, Christians “stand with a gospel that is unabortable!” he encouraged those listening. He later tweeted:
awc tweet

If you’d like to hear Dr. Moore’s address, please contact A Woman’s Choice.  Praise the Lord for the 25 years of faithful labor and service in Christ’s name!

awc wall

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  1. Sabrina

    i think if a mom doesnt want her baby than she shloud keep him/her and put her in adoptioin instead of aborting bacause think about it there is a life inside of you but i think wat happens is that through out those nine months you leran to love the baby and dont want to give him up for abortion because when i got pregnant i wanted to send my baby for adoption but when she started to kick inside of it was so cute and i learned to love her and now im so happy with her she is a bl;essing in my life and im happy i didnt do that.


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