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A Couple’s Letter to Their Baby Girl

  • Mar 09 / 2014
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A Couple’s Letter to Their Baby Girl

One of my sister-in-law’s dearest friends just had a baby. This is a letter that she and her husband wrote to their newborn little girl. This precious child is truly a testament to God’s sovereign care and power, and her parents’ faith a testimony to the rest and peace he gives his children. Please read and be encouraged to worship the Lord, who alone is the giver of life!

Dear Avonlea,

You, my darling, are my hero. For the last couple of months, your doctors were telling us, up until moments before your birth, that you would be incompatible with life… that we may get minutes, hours or maybe days with you… that you would not be able to breathe or feed without intervention… that you were a lost cause. They told us to begin going to grief counseling. They told us we could try again soon. Many told us not to fight for you, to let you go.

But our God is bigger than the statistics that made those doctors write you off as “just one of those unfortunate things…” He had a plan for you all along. He chose to use YOU, our sweet baby, to proclaim His authority over life to the medical community who was preparing for your death. He built you in my womb to be strong, and VERY much compatible with life! You came out breathing, screaming… fighting.

You have since blown every single one of your doctors away. Men with more letters following their name than I can count have looked me in the eye and called you “unusual,” “surprising,” “remarkable.”

You should have severe facial disfigurements. You have none! You should have extra or missing digits and yet I have counted 10 perfect fingers and 10 perfect toes over and over. You should have at LEAST one life-threatening internal anomaly. You have only a mild heart defect that, since birth, has begun healing itself! You have healthier reflexes and responses than some babies born without a trisomy!

The reason babies born with your condition are considered terminal is often labeled “failure to thrive.”

YOU, daughter, are thriving.

…The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. We told Him the night before you were born how much we love you, that we desired to be your parents and that we WANTED you… but that if His will was to take you from us, we were willing to give you back to Him. We begged God NOT to take you, but chose to trust that His plan is good and believe that HE IS GOOD. No matter what.

He could still take you away at any moment… But we will forever be thankful that we got to meet you! We have had 5 beautiful days with you so far, and you are not showing the doctors any signs that you’ll be leaving us anytime soon  If this short time is all we ever get, your Dad and I will be forever grateful. No amount of time with you could ever be enough, but the time we HAVE had thus far has been more than we could’ve ever hoped for.

You are amazing. You are a miracle! You are our daughter. And you are, ultimately, His.

We’re honored to be your parents!

We love you. More than you could ever, ever know.

Mommy & Daddy

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