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A lot more than 20 Children were Massacred on 12/14

  • Dec 16 / 2012
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A lot more than 20 Children were Massacred on 12/14

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Friday morning it was raining where I live in Dallas, TX and I was at an eye doctor appointment. The news was on but I ignored it so I could respond to some emails on my phone. But when I heard that there was a gunman that came into an elementary school and started killing children at close range–I was glued to the TV. I watched in horror with the rest of the waiting room as we were told that gunman Adam Lanza shot 20 children and 7 adults point blank. How do you look a 5 year old in the eye and shoot them in the head? How do you see them bleeding and writhing in pain and then do the same to another 5 year old? I cried. Everything in me wanted to know why he did this. Everything in me cried out to the Lord to avenge the lives of these children. I thought about my own children and about how I would feel if they were shot and killed like the children in Sandy Hook Elementary School. I felt sick. I wanted justice. I wanted answers.

At this point I did not know that the gunman had killed himself and I saw burly police officers in bullet-proof vests walking up and down the streets with large weapons in hand. Yeah, I thought to myself, justice is coming. The coward that boldly shot defenseless little children will now come up against a more worthy opponent and he will be brought to justice. On a rainy Friday morning I genuinely cared about, prayed, cried and longed for justice for the children of Newton.

And then I realized that I had not shed a tear for the other children who were massacred on 12/14 at abortion clinics all across the country. In fact, I have been living as if children were not being systematically killed every day. I have been letting the media determine what I should and should not grieve over. They do not cover the mothers that bring their babies into abortion clinics to be massacred and so I have not grieved for the loss of their precious lives. And this is wrong. It is wrong for a child to be killed and there to not be a tear shed for this injustice. Our grief over their death, in a sense, validates their lives and acknowledges that they are human and their murder is an affront to the God who made them.

My mind went further.

Maybe coverage of this atrocity in Newton, CT is meant to wake us up to the other children that are victims of pre-meditated murder. Maybe it’s to remind us that killing is wrong, no matter what the size of the human: college students at Virginia Tech, families at a movie theater in Aurora, CO, high school students at Columbine, elementary school students in Newton, CT, or unborn children that are endangered all across our nation. Maybe it is to open our eyes to the fact that:

In 2011, 12,615 children were aborted in CT. If an average kindergarten class is made up of 20 students, this means that 630 kindergarten classes were destroyed last year. On 12/14 one kindergarten class was touched by murder and will never be the same. However, last year, what amounts to 630 kindergarten classes were victims of murder and were completely obliterated just in the state of Connecticut.

If 12,615 children were aborted in CT in 2011, and we assume that number for 2012 is the same, then if we divide this number by 365 days in a year, we get 34 children a day that are aborted in CT. So, we can say with confidence that there was a lot more than just 20 children that were massacred on 12/14 in CT. If 34 children a day are killed in that state, then we should grieve the loss of 54 children, not only 20.

And where were the men with guns defending the lives of the other 34 children that were killed on 12/14? Where were the laws protecting their lives? Where were the news cameras? Why are people not asking “how could this happen?” Why were there no mothers crying? Why were there no pastors reassuring people of the goodness of God in response to these lives that were taken?

The truth is that we are a lot more like the gunman Adam Lanza than we would like to admit. He was clearly desensitized to human life just like we are. Our hearts are growing dull to the horrific nature of taking a human life just like Adam Lanza had no problem taking a human life. We are getting used to the systematic killing of children just like Adam Lanza seemingly felt no tension as he systematically ended children’s lives. We are indifferent to their cries just like Adam Lanza heard them crying and kept on shooting. We defend the rights of one individual even if it means the ending the life of another just like Adam Lanza felt he had the right to use his body to kill children.

Today, let us grieve for these awful murders, but let us also allow this incident open our eyes to how Adam Lanza is not the only one with blood on his hands. When we are silent about abortion, when we vote pro-choice, when we participate in abortion in any way, we too have the blood of children on our hands. May this incident open our eyes to what we are doing to our children and may it be the beginning of the end of abortion in America.



Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts;

let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. 

Isaiah 55:7


  1. H.S.

    Excellent post, Stacey. All murder of children is absolutely horrific, no matter how big or small they are.

    This is powerful:

    “It is wrong for a child to be killed and there to not be a tear shed for this injustice. Our grief over their death, in a sense, validates their lives and acknowledges that they are human and their murder is an affront to the God who made them.”

  2. Jenny Clark

    Stacey- thank you!!!! I so appreciate you taking the time to write this wonderful post. You graciously touched on the injustice of those 20 innocent school children on 12/14 as well as the unborn who were murdered that day in CT. Both deserves our tears. Both groups deserve justice. Appreciate you, friend!


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