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A Few Links Worth Noting (2/10/11)


A Few Links Worth Noting (2/10/11)

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  • Dr. Russell Moore points us to an article in WORLD Magazine concerning the recent news of a baby abandoned and left to die in a toilet.
  • Jenny Clark reminds us to take action to defund Planned Parenthood by using to this link on the Susan B. Anthony List website. You may also find another helpful link to contact your representative here. Please call or email today!
  • Dr. Denny Burk writes about our inconsistency concerning abortion and fetal surgery.
  • And finally, Jill Stanek confirms that Lila Rose will appear on Fox News today at 5:00 p.m.(EST). Glenn Beck is dedicating the entire hour to Live Action & Planned Parenthood. (In case you’ve missed it, Live Action has released several videos since last week exposing Planned Parenthood. You may find more information on this latest project here.)
    UPDATE: Due to breaking developments in the Middle East, Lila’s appearance on Glenn Beck will now be on Monday’s show (via @LilaGraceRose)


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