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  • Aug 18 / 2011
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When Personal Preference Becomes Murder

Last week, The New York Times Magazine ran a horrifying story about a woman who conceived twins through IVF and then terminated one of the babies (referred to as pregnancy reduction). The biggest issue to note is that the woman who is aborting one twin (as is the case in many of these situations) is doing so out of convenience and preference for her and not because of her concern for the babies (which is still no excuse). Dr. Denny Burk and Dr. Albert Mohler have both commented on this article and I’ve included a couple of excerpts below.

Dr. Denny Burk introduces us to the topic:

The New York Times Magazine has a heartbreaking article on yet another monument to the culture of death—pregnancy reduction. In case you have never heard the term, here’s what pregnancy reduction is in a nutshell. When a pregnant mother is carrying two or more babies in her womb, she can choose to kill one or more of those babies while allowing others to live. According to pro-choicers, pregnancy reduction is a practice that began years ago to reduce health risks for women carrying multiples. Pro-choicers have also reasoned that pregnancy reduction increases chances for surviving multiples to make it to term. But that was then, and this is now. What began as a misguided attempt to help women and (some!) unborn babies, has now devolved into the slippery slope. Now, the procedure is increasingly performed on women carrying twins. In fact, the Times article focuses in particular on the increasing number of women who carry twins but who for whatever reason only want one of them to live. The reasons for killing one and letting the other live range from finances to time-management.

He concludes:

In this article, the euphemism “pregnancy reduction” is a rouse. It is a term that attempts to cover-up a great moral evil. The expression plainly functions to deflect attention from an intolerable contradiction—that one unborn child might be allowed to live while its perfectly healthy sibling is destroyed. But the covering is a fig leaf, and that is seen most conspicuously in the troubled consciences of the mothers and medical professionals in this article who have participated in this procedure.

At the end of the day, it’s not just the euphemism that is the problem. It is the heinous evil that the euphemism is trying to hide that should scandalize us. Reducing a pregnancy means killing an innocent human. Just as we don’t want to give in to the mores of a decadent culture, neither should we be complicit in covering evil with clever obfuscations. Such talk is a not-too subtle throwback to an ancient method that humans use to justify sin—calling evil good and calling good evil (Isaiah 5:20). Make no mistake. God is outraged at that, and so should we.

Dr. Albert Mohler‘s commentary begins:

Euphemisms are the refuge of moral cowardice, and no euphemism is so cowardly or so deadly as “reduction” — a word that sounds like math, but really means murder. The August 14, 2011 edition of The New York Times Magazine makes this fact clear in its cover story, “The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy.”

He continues:

“The Two-Minus-One Pregnancy” is one of the most significant articles of recent years. With chilling and unflinching candor, Ruth Padawer virtually forces her readers to see the twisted thinking that justifies the killing of the unborn, and then she tries to evade moral responsibility by calling the procedure a “reduction.”

There is a story behind this story, of course. The intersection where modern reproductive technologies and legal abortion meet is now a deadly place for many unborn babies. In the name of personal preference and for “social reasons,” some women now demand that their multiple babies be aborted so that they will have only the one baby they want.

Padawer says that many Americans are uneasy about this knowledge, perhaps “because the desire for more choices conflicts with our discomfort about meddling with ever more aspects of reproduction.”

But the procedure so dishonestly called “reduction” is really not about mere “meddling.” It is murder.

I would encourage you to read the original article in its entirety and pray for these precious babies who are losing their lives to “preference.” God hears their cries.

  • Aug 05 / 2011
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Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Crisis Pregnancy Centers Under Attack

It should be no surprise that those who fight for the right to murder unborn children are also declaring battle on those who work so hard to protect these little ones. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are crucial in that they provide all manner of help to those women who believe they have no other option but abortion. Many times, once a mom sees her precious child with the technology of an ultrasound, she changes her mind about aborting the baby.

This morning, Dr. Albert Mohler pens an article highlighting the attacks against Crisis Pregnancy Centers. He writes:

The U.S. Supreme Court’s declaration of war upon the unborn in its infamous 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade, caught most conservative Christians unprepared and unaware. This shock to the nation’s conscience required Christians and other pro-life activists to develop arguments, strategies, and organizations in order to confront the Culture of Death and the legalized killing of the unborn.

The Roe v. Wade decision was quickly repackaged by pro-abortion forces into a “pro-choice” argument that was intended to avoid the scandal of being pro-abortion. Nevertheless, the pro-choice mantra never really worked as a public relations strategy for pro-abortion forces for one simple reason: The only “choice” the pro-abortion forces would accept or respect is the choice to abort.

If that sounds extreme, just consider recent developments in cities like Baltimore, New York, and San Francisco. First in Baltimore, and then in New York City, municipal governments passed laws intended to shut down or curtail the work of crisis pregnancy centers in their cities. The crisis pregnancy centers have been among the most important platforms for saving unborn human lives and reasserting human dignity.

He continues:

Now, city officials in San Francisco have launched their own effort to shutter crisis pregnancy centers, claiming that staff at the centers impose “anti-abortion propaganda and mistruths on suspecting women.”

Note the reference to anti-abortion arguments as “propaganda,” as if there could only be one side to the issue. Dennis Herrera, the San Francisco city attorney who is running for mayor, called the crisis pregnancy centers “right wing” and “politically motivated.” There was no acknowledgment of the fact that pro-abortion groups such as Planned Parenthood are “left wing” and “politically motivated.” Furthermore, given the millions of dollars of income made by Planned Parenthood and other major components of the abortion industry, the phrase “financially motivated” should be added as well. Where are the calls for honesty from Planned Parenthood?

The work of Crisis Pregnancy Centers is crucial. If you would like more information about how you can help in Louisville, please visit A Woman’s Choice Resource Center for more information.

I would also encourage you to read the rest of Dr. Mohler’s article here.

  • Aug 01 / 2011
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Abhorring Evil Because We Love

Sometimes I shy away from telling people what I do on Saturday mornings (i.e. sidewalk counsel) but it is not because I am ashamed.  Instead it is because of all the misconceptions that flood into people’s minds when they hear things like “protest abortion,” “sidewalk counsel,” or “approach women coming in for abortions.”  Many think that what drives me is raw political zeal, religious fanaticism, or arrogance as I try to “shove my opinions down people’s throats.”

And this may be a very accurate description of some people who claim the title “pro-lifer.”  To some, on both sides of the issue, it is a game.  It’s about trying to see the opposing side defeated, ashamed, humiliated, and frustrated.   If a girl turns away from abortion, one point for us and if she continues on through those abortion clinic doors, one point for them.

But I am not at my core is not “a pro-lifer” caught up in such games.  I am a Christian who serves a compassionate God.   He is a God who is never indifferent towards oppression and injustice.  Further he is a God who actually came down to earth and held out his hands to sinners and said “come to me all you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”(Matt 11:28).  He is the God who says to mothers on their way to kill their children:

“Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the LORD, that he may have compassion on him, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.” – Isaiah 55:7

I am a “pro-lifer” not because I want to push a political agenda but because I love God.   And I love to see his image in humans.  Because I love God, I abhor the fact that image-bearers of God are being systematically slaughtered in my town.  Because I myself have been confronted by God and called to repent of my sin, I want everyone (women coming in for abortions, boyfriends pressuring their girlfriends to abort, abortion clinic escorts, and even the “heathen” in Africa) to turn from their sin.  Why?  Because when they repent there is only compassion and forgiveness waiting for them.  Compassion and forgiveness that I have received!

It is true—I hate abortion.  In fact, I am ashamed to call myself an American where the laws protect a woman’s “right” to kill her child.  But the reason I detest these things is: God made me the recipient of his compassion.  I now know true love because I know God.  It is love that motivates me to drag myself out of bed at 5:30am on Saturday mornings!  This is my call to all Christians today:

 “O you who love the LORD, hate evil!” Psalm 97:10

Love is not the absence of hate, it is hating the right things.  Hate what is evil!  Hate oppression, hate injustice, hate anything that is opposed to God.  Hate them for the sake of love.  For the sake of compassion.

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